Third Quarter Wrap-Up: July Through September

Readers are enjoying more foodie books than ever. Your reading does not seem to have slowed down at all, and that’s great. At this point in the challenge, I’m happy to report these numbers:

Cookbooks Read: 107

Fiction Read:  78

Memoirs and Biographies Read:  53

NonFiction Read:  40 

I’m amazed at the variety of books being read by the participants in this challenge. Yes, there are some cases in which a few people are reading the same books. But, overall, you have roamed widely among this genre.

I love the comments you share when you come to report on a book read. The Nonfiction section is small in numbers but the books seem especially interesting, judging by the comments. Keep adding your comments about the book and also let us know when you’ve completed the challenge.

As an incentive or reward for posting your review links here, I’ve gathered a few food books to give away to randomly drawn participants. Each book entered this past quarter on a category page was given a number and I entered them into Participants who read more than one book had their name entered for each book read. Each winner can choose a book from those listed on the Giveaway Page. We’ll start with the first winner, then the second winner and the third. And, the winners are:

Louise from A Strong Belief In Wicker

Nari from The Novel World

Jayme from Beach Reader

Her Royal Orangeness from Only Orangery

Congratulations to the winners and to all the participants who have completed the Foodies Reading Challenge. For the rest of us – we still have three months left to complete our goals. Good luck to all.

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2 Responses to Third Quarter Wrap-Up: July Through September

  1. rosecityreader says:

    Me too! I finished 2011 (mt wrap up post is here) and will get my 2012 post up shortly.

    Thanks for hosting two years in a row!

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